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The general purpose of courtesy patrols are to deter/detect crime, enforce property rules/policies, handle parking problems and investigate suspicious activity. Our patrol vehicles are fully outfitted with emergency warning lights and reflective markings to ensure that we are highly visible when on contracted properties. Furthermore, all of our patrol vehicles are equipped with mobile data terminals which allow our officers to check persons and to allow them have all the relevant information pertaining to the property that they are on including but not limited to maps, contact information and authorized persons lists.
The general purpose of on-site security officers is to maintain a constant presence on the property which deters and detects crime. Additionally, on-site officers can monitor gated access, lock/unlock doors, enforce property policies, and investigate suspicious activities etc. Our on-site patrol officers are issued a full uniform providing maximum visibility while patrolling your property or if you wish they can be outfitted in business attire or plain clothes.
The purpose of our alarm response service is to ensure that your property suffers minimal damage and/or loss when an event happens that would set off a burglar or fire alarm. We do this by ensuring that we will arrive to your property in 15 minutes or less after receiving a call from your alarm company. Our patrol drivers are trained in building searches and property security assessments to ensure that nothing is overlooked when we respond to an alarm. Furthermore, this service eliminates the need for you or one of your employees to respond to an alarm in the middle of the night and there is no risk of being charged a "false alarm fee" by a local law enforcement agency.
Pacific Response offers alarm responses throughout the Portland/Vancouver metro area.
Pacific Response Patrol offers several other miscellaneous services. 

- Special Events: If you are having an event which needs extra security we can provide security officers on foot or in patrol vehicles.

- 24 Hour Dispatch Services: Our dispatch center can be contracted to handle calls from tenants and employees that are outside of your normal business hours.

- Lock/Unlock Services: Our patrol drives can lock and unlock doors or gates at certain hours eliminating to need to travel to your properties everyday.

- Security Assessments: We can assess your property and suggest measures that could be taken to improve the security on your property.

- Vacation House Checks: We can conduct daily checks of your house if you are out of town.

If you do not see a security service you are interested in please contact us and we will be happy to tailor a service to fit your security needs.
The call response service is an invaluable tool for tenants and employees. We guarantee that our patrol officers will be on-scene in 15 - 20 minutes or less from when the call is dispatched. Our officers are trained to handle a variety of situations they may encounter such as suspicious activities/persons, trespassers, noise complaints, disturbances, parking problems or property policy violations.
Pacific Response Patrol offers call responses throughout the entire Vancouver/Portland metro area.