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About Our Company
Pacific Response was founded in September 2005 and is currently supervised by Director Dustin O'Brien. Our corporate office is located in Stockford Square (Northwest Vancouver). This location gives us safe and speedy access routes to our clients. Pacific Response guarantees customer satisfaction of our services and that our officers will be helpful, and customer service orientated at all times.

Our Mission
The mission of Pacific Response Patrol, Inc. is to provide the best quality private security and customer service to our clients.  We will achieve this by offering the best pricing for our services and maintaining positive morale among our employees and clients alike.

Our Promise
  • We will provide our customers with quality, professional and innovative private security services
  • We will take an innovative, multi-pronged approach to the private security industry by providing multiple services from one organization
  • We will support our employees and maintain positive morale in our work environment


In today's current economic and social atmosphere it is more important then ever to make sure that businesses effectively protect their property and employees while at the same time keeping their overhead costs down. At Pacific Response I personally guarantee that our services and staff will be professional, competent in their duties and will adapt to meet your needs. Furthermore, we do not require lengthy contracts that lock you in for a set period of time; instead the contract we provide to you is our quality and effective services, ensuring that you will want to keep Pacific Response your first security choice.
Dustin O'Brien